Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi-Tea and Special One

Its been a great idea when you hangout with evening shades on her face and fragrance of wild lotus besides Rawal Lake in the chilling valley of Margalla Hills.Than there's come a sizzling sound of percussion and strings that have been playing with the fingers of a folkman with alot of passion.A plate of Papri Chaat and a dozen of Gol Gappas dipped in a traditionally made yogurt,Imli Sauce & Khatta(something similar to tortilla and salsa) will help make your leisure more crisp.The touch of that waterscooter ride will get you deep into pleasure when the hug will get more tightening with each single wave.After, hold her needy fingers & your sunsets in her eyes than don't ask me how to make a Crème brûlée.feeling warm in one's arms..


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